Dwarf Slaver


This young dwarf wears black leathers, sports several tattoos, and wears a belt ostentatiously set with several silver-hilted daggers.


Zark was an aquisitions agent (money grabbing adventurer) for his Uncle Garwin. When the party assisted him in loading a barge recently they discovered he was involved in smuggling kidnapped children to the Zelbross Bandits. (see adventure log for details).

After his capture the heroes handed him over to the town authorities, later discovering that the local Magistrate let him go due to insufficient evidence.

Zark recently returned to Loudwater in an effort to warn his uncle Garwan that his former associates were targeting him in retribution for Zark’s failure with the river smuggling operation.
Too late to prevent his uncles capture, Zark was in turn captured by the heroes, and after questioning, taken for “safe-keeping” to Captain Harrowleaf’s basement.

If Garwan is rescued safely, Zark could well prove useful in providing evidence and testimony against Sebren the Magistrate.


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